Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Whole New Life!

We finally did it! We are about to start a whole new life. This is either the very best idea we have ever had, or the very worst. Dunno ... We have sold our beloved 1841 stone farmhouse and are keeping only the most treasured items in "Climate Controlled" storage. Everything else is going out the door. Tossed, donated, given or sold ... but I (who am a compulsive "we just might need that some day!" kind of person) am schooling myself to just LET GO. Let go BECAUSE we are going to live full time in our motor home and travel and explore this wonderful country. How's that for something completely different???

We know we like the RV lifestyle a great deal, having spent the last two winters traveling in Texas and parts South for 3 or 4 months at a time. It is very different to give up your "land" home completely. I love this beautiful home so very much ... my dream home, where all the antiques and lovely things I have inherited and collected blend together to make a home that I am contented never to leave ... but it can be a seductive trap that keeps me in one spot and lulls me into not wanting to go and do and explore the world outside.

So ... what kind of person do I WANT TO BE?? Do I want to watch the rest of my life go by out the windows? Or do I want to be part of the action taking place? The decision is made. The die is cast. The kids are grown, the dog died of old age, the financial plan is in place. It is time to play as hard as we worked all those years.

We should be "settled" ... signed, sealed and delivered by the 1st of October. A few days later we will shake the Pennsylvania dust from our feet, wipe a few tears ... maybe more than just a few ... and head off. I guess I will have more to relate then.