Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Canyon Lake

We are staying in a very nice military Recreation Area about 50 miles north of San Antonio. The Fort Sam Houston Campground is right on Canyon Lake ... an artificial body of water that was created by damming up the Guadalupe river. The Army Corps of Engineers maintains the dam, the lake and all 8 parks and campgrounds in the area. The RV sites are all full hookups, so that meant that I can play with my washing machine!! Don't laugh ... it is a new toy for me!

Our most consistent "neighbors" are the deer. This is the "Prince" of the crowd. All the "ladies" follow him around the campground. He is rather bold, but he will only come soooo close ... even for a delicious Triscuit.

They are indiscriminate poopers, however. It is all over the place.

I like deer. Deer are graceful. They are quiet. They are soothing to watch. The young ones are cute.

But poop is poop. This is almost like living in a barnyard.

But, like I said, they are soothing to watch ... and I try not to think of things like ticks and lice and videos of "When Deer Attack".

The world gives me enough to worry about as it is ... like North Korea and Jihadists and Recession and how I am going to make the trip home for Christmas.

We don't know whether we will fly home and leave the coach somewhere for 7 or 8 days ... or maybe we will drive. If we run into bad weather we can always just park and wait it out. Dunno.

It is making me nervous that I don't have a plan in place! But Jeff is keeping mum. He likes to drive me crazy. I think it qualifies as a hobby of his.

Speaking of Jihadists ......... there were several car loads (actually, I think just 2 cars with 1 family in each) of Middle Eastern people here this weekend. Maroon luxury cars ... identical ... with temporary tags. I am reading a spy novel, so all my powers of observation were on high alert! It was in the high 80s ... pretty humid, too. I was taking a hike with the little girl who arrived earlier that afternoon with her grandma. We were taking pictures and looking for stuff to notice and report on. I felt like "Harriet the Spy".

Mr. Man #1 (in his T-shirt and plaid shorts with the Seven UP) ... and Mr. Man #2 in the dress with his Pepsi) were on one side of the marina under a shaded picnic area enjoying a breeze.

Mama #1 and Mama #2 and Daughter were on the opposite side of the Marina ... on a rug on the grass ... wrapped up in layer upon layer of jeans, ankle length robes, head scarves, face masks and sunglasses. I felt so overheated looking at them I almost fainted there on the spot. Even the baby girl!! Really. Just not necessary. Modesty can be maintained without multiple layers. I made note of it all for my Spy Journal.

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