Friday, November 26, 2010

This is Lynette. She is 7 years old. She and her Grandma (actually great-grandma!) pulled in to a campsite just down the row from us. Grandma needed some help getting their trailer unhitched and set up, as she was getting over a very painful collar bone injury. Lynette latched onto us in a New York minute. We were very OK with that, because we were missing our grandkids a LOT!

Lynette is gaga over the deer. She brought corn to feed them.

she learns all about the piles of poop. She is less enthusiastic about that.

But she loves the babies.

And she loves having Poppop next door. (She is delighted that she is allowed to call him Poppop ... she doesn't have a Poppop of her own. Sad.)

Lynette is tickled to take hike with me and Poppop. We get her decked out with a trekking pole and my spare camera. This is truly an adventure!

I had to explain that flip flops were not gonna work on a trail like this.

We saw lots of interesting things.

No Jihadists .... but we did see things like ........

Colorful berries .......

colorful insects ...........

and UNDERPANTS???!!!

Good Grief.

We ran away.

But not before I took this picture.

The End.

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