Sunday, September 26, 2010

10 Pairs of shoes!

My closets are empty, bureau drawers, too. I have stuffed a great deal into the motor home ... hoping that the increased storage in the newer one will prove adequate. I am heading to a life where I will basically need 2 pairs of jeans and 4 shirts. Good Lord. The tough part was limiting myself in the shoe department. I managed to whittle my shoe department to 10 pairs ... and that is including slippers and flip flops! I lined up over 50 pairs of shoes and began the purge. Lots went to Goodwill with no second thoughts. Others I had to really force myself to part with ... and a few are going into storage because I can't bear to give up my deerskin Cole Hahn slingbacks with the adorable tassels and gold trim or the chocolate brown suede Stuart Weitzman pumps with the buckles or the cute little brown faux crocodile slings with the saucy tassels and the square toe. They will wait for me in storage ... quietly maintaining their loveliness until the day I can haul them out and we can dance together. Sigh.

We will begin sleeping in the driveway tomorrow, I think. It is all coming down to the end. I can't let my mind go to the image of closing the door ... leaving the drive ... leaving the street for the last time. I just can't go there. I need to get started, get away, get the image of these empty rooms out of my head. I know I will cry. I don't want to cry. I know I will cry.

P.S. cute faux crocodile slings went to friend Barbara ... I will happily imagine her dancing around her office in them!

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