Saturday, October 2, 2010

What a week!

Talk about spinning wheels and going no where! Settlement was looming... house was totally empty and Jeff and I were living in the driveway in the motor home. The 30th of September was the big day to sign all the papers and hand over the keys. But WAIT!!!! There is always a nitwit in the pipeline. Somewhere "upstream" from us, some mortgage broker fudged his paperwork ... intentionally or not, and everything came to a screeching halt when the underwriters caught it. Meanwhile, real families, ones with 3 kids & a dog living in a hotel, ones with all their worldly goods held hostage in moving vans with potentially ruinous storage fees, families with no place to go ... are all sitting with their teeth in their mouths and wondering what to do next. Well, we all decided that the human thing to do was just trust ... so we all signed rental agreements for $1.00. Everyone is insured, everyone has their stuff in their intended new space, everyone is legal. Now all we have to do is wrangle the paperwork and we can actually move ahead.
Jeff and I are in the motor home in a "campground" somewhere between the settlement location and our son's house. We are making the most of the extra time with the grand kids ... won't be seeing them until Christmas! The place is packed to the gills... 10 lbs of stuff in a 5 lb space, but I thought it would only be for 5 days, or so ... not 2 weeks! Texas will happen and I will be able to move into the new coach at some point. Can't wait!
After 2 days of drenching rain(it didn't rain, it literally POURED) ... flooding, trees down, houses collapsing ... the sky is brilliant blue and there is a crisp, fall feeling in the air. Lovely!
Birthday party today for grandson Owen ... tomorrow with the kids again and all our Fester friends ... should be a fine weekend. Life is starting to feel good.

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