Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Home Stretch ...

We are really on the home stretch, now. Some rooms are completely empty and others are very nearly so. Then there are the rooms with piles of clutter and debris that I have yet to sort through and make sense of. I am running out of gas. But it will be fine.

Son Andrew came in from Colorado to lend a hand for a week. It has been better than I can say to have him here and spend time with him. He has helped us get a good bit accomplished, and the muscle is really nice. We will be taking more things to son Gordon, tomorrow, and look forward to his energy and strong back on the 25th ... a final push to get things into storage. We have given more furniture away to friends and sold a piece or two. I am happy to know that my grandparent's things are going to people that I love ... I wanted them to stay in the family!

I will be moving into the motor home (in the driveway) by the middle of next week. We should spend just enough time in it that the newer on will seem luxurious when we finally occupy it. I am looking forward to a smaller, more ordered life. I think I can achieve that when I have fewer things to deal with. I don't want to be pulled in so many directions. but ... as I go through all the "archives" of photos and mementos and memories, I am already creating projects for myself. Sort these later, make these scrapbooks later, document this vacation later. Maybe it will all get done ... maybe not. I have 3 generations of faces to label and organize for my sons and their progeny. I hope I get around to it!

I WILL get around to it. It's just that first I need to travel and see lots more stuff that I can then tell them all about.

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