Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What goes next?

Jeff left for Nacogdoches yesterday, to check out the new (to us) coach and be present for the independent inspection. We don't want to fall in love with it until it has been thoroughly gone over. The seller and his wife are very good people .. but any used vehicle is a crap shoot and worth having a detailed look. I was a tad worried about Jeff flying right into the tropical storm that was dumping all kinds of rain on Houston, but all is well. He is stuffing his brain with all sorts of info, negotiating small repairs and talking to people about our coach. He is a tired boy, but I will bet he is glad to be away from the nonsense of packing the house. I'll be glad to have him home tomorrow.

I spent time sorting more photos, packing fragile things, gradually clearing rooms of all the special things that I will be happy to unpack when we finally have another home some day. I think it will feel good to be streamlined. Some days I can just blow through items and never think twice. Other days are harder. I am feeling as though there will be times when I think of something I can no longer put my hands on and feel a real pang of loss. Like a phantom limb syndrome ... still feeling the sensation of a hand or leg or foot that is no longer there. I will truly miss a great many things about this "life" we have been living. We have been very fortunate.

Had dinner with Larry & Patti, next door. They are so great and funny and kind. I will certainly miss being able to run next door and hang out with them. They are always ready to pitch in and help with anything we need at any given moment. I will miss them like crazy.

Andy will be coming in less than a week. I have not seen my son in almost 2 years. Too long. I can't wait to put my arms around him. Long day, today ... long one tomorrow. I need bed.

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