Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nacogdoches, TX

We are settling into our "new" coach. Slowly, things are finding their proper place in cupboards and closets and bays. there is more storage in this coach .... and there isn't. but we are slowly making it feel like our home, one day at a time.

We have spent a really interesting week here in the parking lot of the Foretravel factory. They have about 50 spots for coaches to park and plug in to electricity and water. VERY nice perk when you are traveling or coming here for service. However, I have never seen so many people here at one time! There must have been 30 coaches here when we arrived. Several were members of a web forum we participate in. It was really nice to finally meet the people we have been "talking" with for months online. Others came over from another service location a mile or so down the road and we started a party! Happy Hour every day in a shady spot ... wine or beer and h'ors doevres ... good conversation. It was where the "cool kids" were hanging out!

The "living room" is a good bit larger than our old place. Room to swing a cat. Likewise, the bathroom ... the shower is the same size as a residential one. We have larger capacity tanks for our fresh, grey & black water ... that means we can hang out longer in areas that are a bit more primitive before heading back to hook ups.

More counter space, more battery power for things like coffee makers and lights. It is a pretty good machine!

The other good (or sad) news is that we have sold our old motor home. John & Judy O'Reilly from Tucson, AZ drove here, arriving Wednesday to inspect the rig after many email conversations and exchange of photos. They inspected, test drove and settled in for 24 hours ... finally decided that this was the one they could be happy with. So ... we said "Goodbye" to our first wonderful Foretravel and can only hope that they have as many good miles as we have had.

I have signed up for the "Ladies Driving School" that the Foretravel Motorcade Club sponsors every year. There will be 20 or so women here, all learning to drive these big machines. 3 or 4 to each instructor ... using Foretravel coaches to run up and down the highway, park, back up, navigate cones, etc. We have classroom sessions, learn about pivot points and tail swing and lots of other scary stuff. More on that after the event! My friend "Larry" from the Remodel Department here at the factory is one of the instructors. He told me that he just heard from a lady "who was SO scared to drive! I tell ya, she was as jumpy as a hen on a hot rock, I guarantee!" But now she has called him to tell him that she drives their coach just fine. Too funny. I just love Texans!

Well ... it has been a long day of selling, settling,
signing and saying goodbye to our old home. Time
for bed and watching the Phillies game. I hope they manage to win this game! Later , friends! Stay tuned to see what happens next as we actually take this thing out on the roads and explore Texas.


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