Sunday, October 10, 2010

On the way to ....

We are on the way to Nacogdoches ... presently in Chattanooga, following I-75 south through Tennessee. I would love to know the meanings of these place names. They just amuse me. Driving through Virginia all day in the bright sunshine ... a beautiful day, today. There were not many evidences of fall foliage coming down I-81 ... just a ruffle of red and orange on a few maple trees ... a purple scarf of vine wrapped around the neck of a locust tree ... a blazing peep of red through the weeds. Most of the trees are still dusty, tired green or they have given up and turned brown in defeat.

We drove through a massive flurry of big, fat, juicy bugs. I don't know what they were ... but there are fewer of them, now! Looks like scrambled eggs on the windshield! Blech.

Campground tonight ... no Walmart for us, although last night it was just fine. We want long, hot showers and some good cable stations to watch the Phillies AND the Eagles!! A fine dinner of 3 cheese Ravioli with Salmon, green peas and some nice Alfredo Sauce. Bourbon for Jeff, a nice chilled Prosecco for me ... totally relaxing. We will sleep well and look forward to another fine day tomorrow.

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