Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back in Nac ... fixin' to fix.

We are back in Nacogdoches after our stay in Canyon Lake. Work on the "new" coach is coming along. We are learning more about it and what we would like to do to make it "home". We upgraded the house batteries with some new Red Top gel and redid the dip switches on our inverter to the proper settings. A day in the shop at FOT now has us equipped with new Koni Gold shocks. I am still cleaning and scrubbing ... things are brightening up. Peg and Kent are arriving soon from Oklahoma for a short visit and we will then go back north for a bit to McKinney, Texas. there is a campground there that we have heard of, and Jeff and I are going to the MCD Factory to have new window shades installed. the old day/night shades are just a pain to deal with, and I am eager to get rid of the horrible, fabric covered lambrequins around all the windows.

We headed north and met Peg and Kent at Lavon Lake State Park. Once again, we arrived withing about 10 minutes of one another. Trip is always so happy when we are all together! He is just the coolest dog. We would all be having a lot more fun if the weather would warm up. It is windy and cold and raw. NOT what I want to to see on the forecast. But, it is good to be together again and Jeff and I begin removing the psychedelic lambrequins from all the windows in the coach and haul them to the dumpster. We met another Foretravel couple who came up from the south to see their daughter. Other folks, in a SOB 5th wheel, who come to Texas for the winter (from Alaska!) were in love with our motor homes, and amazed at how solid they are. the wife was bouncing up and down and laughing because they don't shimmy and shake the way her trailer does! Funny.

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