Friday, October 8, 2010

Last day ....

Today is probably our last day in PA for a while. We are meeting Anna & Owen off the school bus this afternoon, and hanging with them tonight. Mom will be working and and Dad has a chance to go to a Phillies playoff game! So, it will be a late night, but we are going to savor the time with the kiddos. Then, tomorrow, we head out on our journey to Texas and our new home.

Got some work done on the generator, so it is now performing as it should ... a needed fix whether we were going to keep the coach or not. We are polishing woodwork and tightening latches and screws and doors and blinds. I want the coach to look really good when we say goodbye to it and have it ready for it's (hopefully) new owner. It has been a wonderful vehicle to have as we felt our way into this new stage of our lives. I want the next guy to know that we cherished it.

The weather is that perfect pre-Fall kind of breezy, sunny, coolish, comfortable, non-humid & blue sky day. I could live in this kind of weather forever!

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